What Construction Estimating Software is best for Residential Builders?

Construction companies that have to bid on projects need to make an accurate assessment of the overall costs that are involved in a particular project to make the best possible bid, which is why residential builders are turning more and more to reliable construction estimating software. 

Construction estimating software helps such businesses by offering pricing information that is right up to date along with a number of different estimating tools and further resources. Businesses are then able to finetune the bids they put in on construction projects to suit specific requirements and business projects.

There are also some specific tools in construction estimating software that can be of assistance with the likes of budgeting, payroll management and project management. 

Construction estimating software features

There are a number of features that are generally included as standard with the majority of construction estimating software that is of particular relevance for residential builders.

The inclusion of a cost database allows residential builders to create and maintain specific data sets for equipment, labour and material costs, which can then be used as reference during the creation of project estimates. 

Job costing features allow residential builders to estimate the costs that will be entailed in the completion of a job with the use of previous references as well as equipment, labour and material cost estimates. 

Construction estimating software usually comes with a proposal generator that makes use of cost estimates to create bid proposals that are highly professional in appearance. It can also create an audit trail to track and log all details of any changes that are made to the database and have full details of previous projects stored in memory for easy access. 

Construction estimating software can also perform analysis by assigning potential scenarios for budgets and planning in order to create various different estimates via different scenarios. 

Benefits of construction estimating software

Construction estimating software allows residential builders to come up with accurate estimates in considerably less time than would otherwise be the case, allowing quotes to be put in sometimes as much as five times faster than was done in the past. 

Construction estimating software also means that once an appropriate and acceptable template for quotes and bids has been created, it can be reused over and over again, removing the need to create one from scratch on every single occasion. 

Supplier price lists, for example, can be uploaded the once and then constantly reused within the construction estimating software in order to come up with estimates. 

The use of construction estimating software also makes it less likely that mistakes such as missed items will be made because of checklist-style estimates, again helping to ensure that estimates can be created not just quickly but as accurately as possible. 

Construction estimating software means that residential builders can estimate project costs with unerring speed and accuracy and to manage construction budgets in an effective and efficient manner, and is also used by architects and interior and landscape designers.

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