What is RCS? Benefits of RCS Messaging

SMS is no doubt an important part of life. For several years, users were communicating through messages more than phone calls, and with the evolving technology, the invention of a special SMS function known as RCS messaging has increased the usage of SMS among all age groups to a great extent.

Numerous businesses also rely on SMS to communicate properly with the customers and thus expand their businesses. For all of these reasons, billions of messages are sent every minute around the world.

RCS or known as Rich Communications Services is a unique kind of next-generation SMS protocol followed by Google & Android, GSMA, Samsung, and various other mobile phone manufacturers.

This brings some special features that you may have already used in several instant messaging apps, like typing indicators, read receipts, standard texting, high-quality images, etc.

RCS Messaging is a revolutionary form of the old SMS function. As RCS has no character limit, also through this, you can easily send larger files like Word documents and PDFs.

The benefits of RCS messaging

RCS Messaging has multiple advantages that can really amaze you. One of the biggest advantages is that it can send rich and verified messages.

Thus, your message can carry more information, including videos, photos, and also audio messages. This can also provide phonebook polling and transmit in-call multimedia. So, let’s take a look at the benefits of opting for RCS messaging that are listed below:

Key benefits of RCS Messaging

For Consumers

This revolutionary technology has some incredible benefits for its consumers. Some of those are:

  • You can easily stream both video and audio messages.
  • The users can easily send higher-quality and larger images along with a broader array of beautiful emojis to have clear communication.
  • It is capable of providing much better and improved group chat facilities.
  • Consumers can easily use a good number and varieties of post-call as well as in-call features.
  • You can also enjoy greater security than you can get with apps.
  • RCS messaging has also erased the previous SMS message limit that was only 160 characters.

For marketers

The RCS messaging offers a new world of opportunities for marketers. Some of those key benefits are:

  • The marketers can always keep the customers well informed and happy with real-time order confirmations, good customer service as well as product announcements.
  • The marketers can easily utilize a special method of communication that is highly targeted and thus can reach those consumers who are capable of taking action.
  • The marketers can easily communicate with the users without any delay.
  • They can analyze the campaigns properly by measuring transactions, reading receipts, and other suggested actions and replies.
  • The marketers can easily stay in the mind of the customers for a longer period of time as; they can communicate with them regularly through their mobile devices.
  • The marketers can easily reach their customers in a more effective way through offering credit card fraud alerts as well as Airline boarding passes and many more.
  • RCS helps in communicating with the consumers without the help of those traditional advertising methods.

So, to sum up, RCS Messaging is one of the revolutionary technologies that can offer immense help and support to both the marketers as well as the users and give them the chance to navigate business communication with customers better.

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