What PPC Ad Networks Should I Be Using?

Advertising can be the difference between what makes or breaks a company, so every decision for them must be taken as carefully as possible.  Whether your company is starting or you’re fully established, your audience will be just as reachable as long as you pick the right network.

Consider Your Demographic

When picking which PPC services to go through, it’s vital that you consider where your customers are.  Although you may think that simply going with the largest ad network is the best choice, if your audience is less prevalent there, you’re wasting money on a network that won’t bring you what you need.

These are the top four ad networks and which demographics they work with.

Google Ads

Google ads are a fantastic way to reach the most people possible and offer many different formats.  You can display your ads on Google search engine results, gain web placements on the GDN, and also get placement on shopping, mobile apps, and YouTube.  These are great if you’re not sure where your audience is and you want to reach as many people as possible so you can track it and see what results you get.  This is the most expensive, so it’s vital that you plan carefully.


Although Google Ads can be placed on YouTube: YouTube’s ad network is a little different and offers some perks you won’t find otherwise.  You can format your ad as a skippable in-stream ad, non-skippable in-stream ad, video discovery ad, bumper ad, or masthead ad.  Each of these is worth different amounts per click and has varying results based on who clicks them or how often these clicks turn into purchases, so it’s vital that you study up before purchasing.  


If your company is aiming for a demographic of twenty to forty-year-olds: Twitter is the best place for you.  With rates starting as low as fifty dollars, you have many options to reach users through this platform.  Promoted tweets are one of the best ad formats because you can make them look or act however you want, and for most users, they almost perfectly blend into their feed.  The more you can make your advertisement look like it’s a normal tweet that’s interesting to click, the more success you’ll find.


If your audience is forty or older: Facebook is where you need to advertise.  Reaching an older demographic, you can place ads anywhere from Facebook to Instagram, Messenger, and other Facebook-owned sites and apps.  This advertisement type has the largest number of formats, from videos to slideshows, single images, and even carousel-formatted advertisements; you’ll be able to create ads that allow your company to look exactly how you want it to for your customers.  

How You Advertise Matters

The way you advertise decides how people interact with your company.  Take the time to create advertisements that speak to them, offer to fulfill their needs, and give your customers a reason to click beyond just naming your product and the price. 

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