Where to Get Simplified Astrology Books?

Astrology is a hot topic among millennials, and irrespective of all the doubts and controversies, astrology remains relevant to this date. Many believe in the power of horoscopes and wait for their daily newspaper to arrive to check their horoscope of the week.

For many, it is a habit to check their daily horoscope via T.V, radio, and newspaper. Some might even try reading astrology books to improve their knowledge of the subject.

What is astrology, and how does it benefit people?

People sometimes get confused between astrology and astronomy, they might sound the same, but they are not in the same school of study. The understanding of the positioning of planets, especially during the exact time of an individual’s birth, is known as astrology.

People make and read charts of astrology to help them recognize positive and negative personality traits and acquire vision and insight into life events. Anyone interested in horoscopes can study how it works, then use the principles to make and understand astrological charts.

Astrology is so fascinating that many crave to learn it themselves. The best way to understand this unique ability is by reading astrology books or finding a veteran/master to teach you from the basics.

There are no reputed courses in the era of online classes to learn horoscopes, and there are few teachers of this subject. Hence, the only way to learn about this subject is by reading as many books as possible and teaching yourself with the knowledge you acquired from these books.

This subject is vast, and books written on this subject are in thousands. If you are a beginner and want to learn about it, you better start with the books that provide astrology basics.

Scriptures on the zodiac signs

The first journals or scriptures you must look for are the ones that describe/explain the twelve signs (zodiac) and their related dates (sun sign dates). Many are used to sun signs as these are time and again thought to be vital for deciding one’s individual qualities.

However, every astrological sign is present on an individual’s chart (astrological) when they are born. But, these appear in another place based on the time of the month/year. When the sun moves through all of the zodiac signs as the time/year progresses.

Books on the planets, moon, and sun

The positions of the moon, sun, and all planets in Earth’s orbit (in the solar system) are included in the horoscope study. The position of each (planet) on a chart (astrological) impacts the chart’s meaning.

Scriptures explaining the glyphs or astrological symbols

It would be best to learn what all of the symbols on the chart mean before creating or reading it. It can get confusing because there are symbols for the planets, astrological signs, and unique points and angles. To familiarize yourself with the symbols, study them and try drawing them yourself.

Scriptures explaining a 360-degree circle zodiac form

The way the planets line up with each other in correspondence to their placement around the Earth is referred to as an aspect of astrology.

In a chart (astrological), two planets in aspect may be opposite each other, form an angle, or overlay on one another. It changes the meaning of their placement, and you’ll have to figure out how to interpret them concerning one another.

These are the astrology books you can try to learn and understand the significance of the planetary movement and its effects on humans.

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