Which Fuel Wheels Should I Buy for my SUV and Why?

In the mid-90s, the rise for off-road wheels had risen by so significant a percentage that the famous premium aftermarket rims manufacturer, MHT Alloys, decided to do something about it.

They started an in-house R&D center and ultimately decided to branch out in the form of Fuel Wheels. That was in 2008.

Fuel was launched only to appeal to those who were looking for high-quality off-road-capable rims which could also up the style quotient of their vehicles.

And while Fuel is certainly not a brand that falls in the discount wheels and tire bracket, it has proven extremely popular. It is currently one of the biggest players in this niche worldwide.

It certainly has several major-league competitors including KMC Wheels, Enkei, Method, Vision, and American Racing Wheels.

Fuel is a prolific manufacturer and launches several new models every year. This is both a savvy business strategy (as it keeps the range refreshed) and also a bane. New buyers are confounded by the sheer number of models.

This post will try and nudge you towards the best Fuel Wheels that are meant for SUVs but which will also fit most 4-WD drives.

I own a new Kia Telluride. Why should I choose Fuel’s rims?

That’s a fabulous car, and it is easily one of the best mid-sized SUV in the US that offers the luxury of more expensive models from other companies – and even from some of Kia’s models. While this is not a very tall SUV, it does pack all the goodies which make Kia models so desirable. It has a 3rd row of seats as well and a much more refined engine.

Alas, it does not have very appealing OEM wheels, the primary reason why a set of KMC Wheels would be of great value. KMC’s models are also widely sold across the country and in every major market that deals in aftermarket rims worldwide.

But if you really want looks + performance + longer life, try out some of the options from the house of Fuel Wheels.


Here are 7 reasons:

  1. All off-road-capable Fuel rims are forged from the avionics-grade 6061-T6 aluminum. The material gives it strength and durability, and also reduces the gross weight.
  2. Fuel believes in continuous quality testing; its models are fatigue-tested across the range.
  3. Impact testing of every original model is guaranteed for your peace of mind.
  4. Contrary to many other manufacturers, Fuel’s models are tested for dynamic durability at speeds in excess of 200mph (that’s more than 320 kmph!)
  5. Every wheel is rigorously tested using X-ray and shearography (very similar to holographic interferometry) for structural integrity.
  6. Fuel also carries out ‘Dye Penetrating Crack’ inspections on all its models, something that even KMC Wheels does not offer across its range and is usually reserved for very high-end rims.
  7. Finally, regardless of whichever vehicle you are driving, your chosen Fuel rims will fit perfectly with the original TPMS.

I’m impressed! But which Fuel Wheels are best for SUVs?

Remember that Fuel rims for high-end SUVs and sports cars can be pretty expensive. Before you plan your purchase, choose a retailer carefully.

We have many readers who swear by Audio City USA, one of California’s oldest and family-owned retail outlets that sell nearly every wheel brand under the sun. The outlet is a haven for discount wheels and tires.

And now for the list:

  1. Fuel Assault: This is by far dseklms one of the most aggressive wheels currently available solonvet. Try out the gloss black model. Although these rims are mostly used by pick-ups like the Ford F-150 or its siblings, many SUV owners buy them too. With 8 spokes that have milled edges and a 20-inch diameter, these 1-piece rims are perfect for your car.
  2. Fuel D713 Rage: This is not a new model but it has recently received a new member which has a platinum finish. The D713 is available only in one size- 20 inches. It has an offset of –18mm/+1mm and this differs with each vehicle. The wheel’s spokes touch the inner lips in several branches, giving it a chunky look. We love its load-bearing capability.

For the record, we leased a set of these Rage wheels and tried them on our Jeep Wrangler; they looked super!

We couldn’t find any KMC Wheels which looked nearly as good, even though it is such a great brand.

  1. Fuel Rebel D679: If you are interested in driving on roughshod terrains, this is the set you must choose. The Rebel D679 rims are available in 20-inch diameters only and come in 3 color variants. We love the gunmetal finish. Like most of the brand’s SUV-targeted rims, this is a 1-piece wheel too. Lightweight and elegant, your Kia or your Honda Passport would turn heads with these on septuplets mccaughey father died.

Other ranges you can consider are the Contra and the Maverick range besides the Vapor family.

Summing up

If you plan to procure a set of oversized Fuel Wheels, please consult with professionals first. Your car-owner’s manual also provides you with a lot of detail.

You can easily get in touch with the retailer we mentioned – Audio City USA – at 888.814.1158.

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