Wind chooses iDenfy as their partner to simplify the customer onboarding process, allowing them to be eco-friendly much easier

iDenfy welcomes Wind as their latest partner

Vehicle traffic is a problem in most developed countries. Sustainability and emission control have become increasingly valued in today’s society. Even though fuel-powered engines are getting replaced by their eco-friendly counterparts at a growing pace, modern electric cars still have much room to catch up in price and availability.

Many countries feel the responsibility of reducing emissions and propose initiatives to transform the landscape as we know it today. For example, the European Commission seeks to have at least 30 million electric vehicles buzzing in the European Union by 2030 – a staggering increase from just over 3.2 million in 2021.

The global efforts to reduce carbon emissions resonate well with Wind, a company operating in the e-scooter industry since 2018. It aims to battle the pollution and congestion of cities by offering a sustainable solution in the form of e-scooters, now lending them across various countries in Europe and South Korea.

It’s no secret that not everyone is eligible to ride e-scooters. A person has to be of a certain age, for example. Furthermore, each user should be verified to build trust between the company and its clients and prevent theft. The solution must also be convenient and quick, or else it might discourage potential customers.

These issues led Wind to recognize the benefits of partnering with iDenfy, a company providing a reliable, AI-powered identity verification service since 2017. The organization has over 300 partners worldwide in many industries, such as financial, retail, sharing economy, healthcare, travel, and others. Implementing iDenfy’s ID verification method will allow Wind to ensure that only eligible users can sign up for their service. The process of verifying their customers’ identity and age will now be seamless, efficient, and user-friendly. Additionally, the solution will require only a few clicks, which can be done in under 30 seconds – a great asset for citizens in a hurry to get on board with Wind.

“We are glad to welcome Wind as our partner. Eco-friendly means of transportation are rising in demand, and it is a pleasure to contribute to a company providing the supply. With iDenfy’s ID verification, the customer onboarding process will be seamless and reliable,” said Domantas Ciulde, CEO of iDenfy.

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