5 Advantages of Container Tracking System

End-to-end visibility of the whole supply chain system, especially on the movement of your commodities, is essential in establishing a resilient and agile supply chain. Earlier the process of tracking containers used to include visiting shipping firms’ websites and manually checking for your container’s whereabouts. But contemporary container tracking solutions have revolutionized the industry.

The fact that transporting products is a long and difficult procedure is one of the main reasons why container monitoring has become so important. You’ll want to keep an eye on your cargo to make sure it arrives on schedule and in good shape. If any undesirable surprises should occur, you will be able to take prompt mitigation actions if you know the specific position of your cargo.

Return on investment

While calculating the return on investment (ROI) for a container monitoring system, you must include the cost that occurred due to the disruption of the supply chain resulting from a lack of knowledge about the location of your containers. So, what advantage does it provide to your supply chain to get automatic real-time notifications on the status of your shipment?

Can you, for example, make smarter judgments and avoid unnecessary expenses since you have complete insight into the flow of your shipments? Is it beneficial to your consumers to know when the goods will arrive? These are methods for determining the value the system brings to your supply chain.

Preventing thefts and losses

If a container is stolen or lost while in transportation, the liner is usually held liable. In this scenario, tracking devices can give crucial information that can assist in determining what may have occurred or gone wrong. Every reputable line has its own tracking system. Shipping line ZIM uses its Zim tracking monitoring networks to provide the best experience to its customers.

Companies have tried a variety of approaches to solving the problem of container tracking. But the solution always boils down to attaching a tracking device to the outside of a cargo container and conveying its location via GPS to GSM or satellite, or a more localized short-range wireless system.

Aids in avoiding additional expenses

You may avoid penalties for delay and detention by staying up to date on the whereabouts of your container. Furthermore, knowing your container’s position in real-time might save you money on additional operations expenditures because you’ll be better prepared to take remedial action. These costs may arise due to a major interruption in the process of shipping containers.

On-time delivery

Time is vital for any shipping process. The sooner you are aware of exceptions, the better prepared you will be to deal with them. You’ll be able to respond to changes faster and avoid delays if you can track your shipments and receive real-time notifications from your carriers.

Maintain a healthy customer relation

You may also give your end client better visibility into the status, position, and ETA of your cargo using effective container tracking. It will provide them with peace of mind, a better understanding, and the capacity to adapt to adjustments on their end, all of which will enhance the consumer experience.


In the fast-changing world, having a reliable container monitoring system has become a necessity for every shipping line.

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