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5 Ways to Use Facebook for Marketing

When it comes to social media sites, Facebook continues to be the reigning champion to date. It is the number one platform where family, friends, and even businesses connect and share. More than 2.89 billion users use this platform every single month. From the business point of view, that’s huge!

Facebook itself makes a great market to find potential customers. In recent years, it has developed into a venue for businesses of all sizes to promote themselves.

Here, we’ll discuss five ways to use Facebook for marketing. Let’s take a look —

Make most of your Facebook Page

Be it for personal or professional use; everyone needs to create a Facebook page. For businesses, it works as a great marketing tool available for free. Dedicated pages let a company identify itself by listing products/services and sharing images, links, and posts. In addition, every post you post through a page gives a sense of personality and character that your business is all about.

Also, your Facebook page dedicated to your business renders an opportunity to build brand identity. Remember, this social media platform is where people come to find a little solace, so don’t be afraid to be hilarious.

Ultimately, you should focus on the likes and interests of your target audience. For example if your business is t shirt design then your target audience will be working people who have money, young people who are shopping freak. Post images, videos, links, or anything that connects to your brand and fits your audience’s taste. Take the help of Facebook Insights to check what works best with your audience.

Make most of Facebook Ads

Facebook has its own way of advertising, which is known as Facebook ads, more specifically, Marketplace Ads. The ads include an image, a headline plus copy, and a click-through link.

Integrating Facebook advertising with a Facebook marketing strategy is the best way to boost likes and increase website clicks. Don’t hesitate to seek help for your business. Click here to talk with a Facebook ads expert now.

The features of Facebook advertising are —

  • Demographic targeting using Facebook user data on location, age, interest, and education
  • Flexibility to decide ad budgets
  • Ad testing where you can run multiple ad versions simultaneously for comparing ad designs and setups
  • Built-in analytical tools for measuring ad performance
  • Local advertising facility

One thing about Facebook ads is that it doesn’t provide information about ad CTRs. So, it is hard to determine the success rate of Facebook ads. Your landing page design matters a lot. That’s why you will have to hire the best website designer. He will tell you what your targeted audience wants.

Using Facebook ads to boost your “Likes” is very beneficial. Once users like your page, they essentially start following your page, and your posts start appearing in their news feed. This leads to more users interacting with your brand and building relationships that may further result in future conversions.

Host Facebook contests

Organizing Facebook contests or promotions are yet another way of Facebook marketing. It can boost fans and brand awareness both.

When you run a contest, be aware that using Facebook itself, you cannot do that. You must use a third-party app for the same. You can direct users to the app from your Facebook page. Make sure to use the right Facebook post template for this purpose.

Create Facebook promoted posts

For promoted posts on Facebook, you need to pay a flat rate. In return, your particular Facebook post will reach a certain number of users.

You may ask why you need to pay to make sure your post reaches users who are already your followers. If users have already liked your page, your posts will always appear in their news feed. Well, the answer is no. It is because the feed is swamped by other posts. They may or may not see your posts. That’s where Facebook promoted posts come in handy. It increases the chances of getting your post to appear in a user’s feed. As a result, they are seen in the feeds of existing followers and can reach friends of followers.

It’s easy to set up a promoted post. All you need to do is to click below any of your Facebook business posts.

Please keep in mind that promoted posts do not have targeting options like other Facebook ads.

Create sponsored stories

Just like other Facebook ads, you can create sponsored stories that will be visible to a user’s friends. This type of promotion seeks to leverage the ‘word of mouth’ concepts. For example, if a user notices that two or three of his friends like a particular page, he’s more prone to pay attention. Here, the goal of a sponsored story is to influence the users to take the same action as their friends. As an advertiser, you can show a friend’s likes if you want to boost your page likes. Even you can show friends who’ve opted for an offer if you want more users to claim it, and so on. But before making any sponsored stories, consider taking help from the Facebook post layout template so that your ads will not get cropped off.

While other posts get overlooked, sponsored stories ensure preferred positioning. Sponsored stories are also the format that you can access on mobile devices.

Facebook states that sponsored stories get 46% higher CTRs and 20% lower CPS than usual Facebook ads. So it makes sponsored stories a serious marketing strategy on Facebook.

You can create sponsored stories through the ‘ad create flow’ feature of Facebook.


Remember, advertising through Facebook doesn’t mean you bombard your audience with ads and annoy them. Instead of being annoying, try to be helpful, deliberate, and you’ll easily master Facebook marketing!

There are many tools on Facebook that cater to the needs of marketers who want to build a healthy relationship with their audiences. You can find facebook post template just like infographics, flyers, pamphlets, and so many other creative with the help of Designhill tools. With many analytical tools, you can look into the likes and dislikes of your audience before posting anything. Thanks to the increased multimedia options of Facebook, with which you can flex your creative muscles. With its Page Insight, you can check which content people are engaging with and segment that accordingly.

Remember, your followers are giving you permission to reach them, so make most of this opportunity!

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