A guide to women hat etiquette and fashionable headgears

In ancient days, hats were an essential piece of accessory in every woman’s wardrobe. Many females wear hats for functional reasons such as protection from sunlight to the beach. However, you must follow the ground rules of wearing headgear. Everyone must follow the essentials of wearing headgear irrespective of the circumstances.

Here are a few hat etiquettes hat on wearing headgear on different occasions:

Wear stylish headgears for regular use

Headgears are available in various colors, shapes, and styles. Fashionable hats such as fedoras, baseball caps, and voters complement well with an everyday outfit. People often wear stylish hats indoors, for example, on their visit to the mall, restaurant, or a friend’s house. However, fashion experts advise individuals to avoid wearing such stylish healthcare in their workplace or concert. On such occasions, it is not polite to wear such headgears as it blocks the view of other people.

Opt for sports headgear in matches and other sport events

People who prefer wearing athletic caps must use them out of those specifically in sporting events. However, such caps are not suitable for government offices, libraries, and other workplaces. Individuals who prefer wearing sports headgear must remove them at a restaurant or in the office as it is not a part of a formal uniform. Athletic headgears are suitable as a part of a sports uniform during outdoor games. It is also essential to remove your cap as a means of respect for your nation when the national anthem gets played.

Wear functional hats for protection

In addition to stylish headgears, you must opt for a functional hat for practical reasons such as protection from cold and heat. Many individuals prefer wearing a Fedora hat to vacationing on the beach. A straw fedora hat compliments a beach outfit such as short dresses or shorts. It will help if you follow several hat etiquette depending on the weather and occasion. It would help if you avoided large-brimmed hats in crowded places to prevent bumping on people.

Ensure security and firmness of your hat

It is very embarrassing to see your hat fall off when you are on the race field. Neither would anyone want to keep holding on to the headgear the entire day. When your headgear is not the appropriate size, it causes inconvenience. A hat that is too big or small makes people uncomfortable. One size does not fit all in the case of hats. Therefore you must ensure that you opt for a headgear of the right fit.

Purchase a hat that complements the shape of your face

Another significant hat etiquette includes considering the shape of your face before purchasing a headgear. Every individual must consider the shape of their body and face before buying a hat.

Here are a few kinds of hat styles you should prefer according to the face shape:

  • Individuals of a short height must wear a petite hat as it elongates the face and makes you look taller.
  • Females who wear spectacles must opt for a turned brim hat, as a wide floppy hat will cover their forehead and disturb the position of glasses.
  • Those with a round and heavy face must purchase a fancy headgear with a feather. You can also opt for a smaller hat to give a more extended appearance. Hats such as beanies and berets are preferable over a close-fitting hat.
  • Girls with a square jaw must wear a large-sized hat to soften their look.
  • People with long faces can choose from different hat styles as most hat styles complement their look.
  • Those with sharp facial features must opt for round crowned hats to soften the angles.

In addition to the above hat etiquette, women must take into account a few bad etiquettes of carrying headgear

Avoid wearing headgear at inappropriate places

Places such as the royal escort do not require headgear. On the other hand, if you wear a headcover in churches, you must ensure your headgear is appropriate. A hat is a traditional accessory, and people wear it as a matter of choice. However, wearing a hat on the wrong occasion might make you feel out of place.

Ornament and decorate your hat appropriately

For women, it is essential to wear pins, decorations, and accessories such as feathers, flowers, bows, and ribbons on the right side of their hats. Most men prefer wearing a hat without any ornamentation. However, in the case of a headband and feathers, it should be on the left side of the hat.

Avoid wearing a fashionable hat with an evening dress

Traditionally people would not wear hats for cocktail parties and other events. Such occasions require a dressier accessory such as cocktail hats, veils, and fancy combs.

If you lack knowledge regarding proper hat etiquette, you can take help from the guidelines given above. Therefore, if you wish to add a classy look to your outfit, you must know proper hat etiquette by wearing them in suitable locations.

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