Benefits of Automation Testing for Software Products

Testing is crucial in software development as it ensures that all products meet high-quality standards. A majority of software development companies use manual testing, and according to the word quality report of the 2021-2022 period, only about 15% of software tests were automated.

You can justify such statistics by saying that nothing can beat what a human mind is capable of offering, but the reality is that manual testing can be arduous and boring. That’s true especially if you consider the fact that it’s necessary to repeat these tests severally throughout the development cycle for better accuracy, which is why test automation makes sense.

The following are the top 7 benefits of automation testing that make it worth the investment:

1. Saves Time and Money

When using a manual test plan, you would have to repeat certain tests every time you change the source code. It’s also important to test each release of the software product paying attention to all possible configurations and supported operating systems.

As you can expect, such tests – when repeated manually – will be costly and time-consuming. But once you create an automatic test, you can run it time and again without any additional costs, and still, save time. 

By leveraging automation testing services from KMS Technology, you can ensure top-quality products while reducing the time-to-market.

2. Increases Test Coverage

Compared to manual tests, automated software tests can cover vast testing areas and depths, to ensure maximum product quality.

Tests that would normally be disregarded as being unnecessary due to their length and complexity when using a manual model can be completed with ease and not take too long. It’s even possible to run tests on multiple computers while using various configurations to ensure comprehensive results.

3. Faster Time to Market

Thanks to quicker feedback cycles and greater accuracy, it’s easier to reduce the time to market your software products. 

A faster feedback cycle also ensures that bugs are caught in the earliest stages. That way, these errors will be corrected effectively without messing up other parts of the software product. This also contributes to a more time-efficient development cycle.

4. Higher Reusability of Test Suites

Automated test suites can be a little bit challenging to build at first. But once you have completed the suite, it becomes easy to reuse it for new use cases or even projects.

In such situations, all that you have to do is make little tweaks to the test suite and you are good to run new tests with great accuracy.

5. Does What Manual Testing Can’t

No matter how large your software and QA department is, you simply cannot do a controlled software test with thousands of users.

In contrast, automated test suites are capable of simulating thousands of virtual users interacting with a web application, software, or network. This gives the developers a better idea of how the software product is likely to behave once it has been released.

6. Provides Better Insights

You will generally get better insight from automation testing as compared to manual testing. This comes in handy especially when tests fail.

With automation testing, you will not only gain insights into the application, but also other important details such as data table, file contents, memory contents, and other program specs. That way, it will be easier to determine where the problem lies.

Take Advantage of Automation Testing Today

There are important reasons why you would want to choose automated testing over manual testing, as you can see above.

So if you are looking to enhance the quality of your software testing processes, be sure to leverage reliable automation testing services from KMS Technology today.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about these services and how they will benefit your business.


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