Boho Styling: A Guide to Buying Tops

The love for fashion and glamour has always been ageless. This has led to the continuous evolution of dressing styles and accessories across the globe. In recent decades, however, the love for glamorous outfits has been replaced by the comfort of clothing. In such a scenario, styles like the Boho style have drawn the attention of all. Read on to learn all about the Boho style.

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What is the Boho Style?

An acronym for Bohemian, the Boho style is a popular dress style that symbolises free spirit and comfort as a key to a happy life. The dress style was drawn from the hippies of the late 1960s. The look was reintroduced in the 2000s, after which it gained immense popularity. This style was reformative and revolutionary as it did not abide by the conventional rules of dressing elegantly. This style was a freer one, and a mass now adores it.

What should you look for while buying Boho-Style Tops?

The Boho style involves dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories, and more. However, not any piece of clothing can is tagged Boho. Here are a few things to remember while looking for the perfect Boho Tops that will make you look ravishing. Pair your tops with fashionable bottoms like flared jeans, Boho-print maxi skirt, distressed Denim shorts, and Harem pants, and you will look exquisite.

How did the Boho Style Originate?

The emergence of the Boho Style can be traced back to the time just after the French Revolution finished. During that time, counter-culture had come into existence. It was a unique style of dressing that did not conform to any of the existing dress styles. Post the French Revolution, the social and economic conditions of people, especially the ones such as artists, were unfortunate due to poverty. Due to that, they had to, out of compulsion, start wearing old clothing, which was used and often worn out. Later on, when their lifestyles started getting better, artists began using their dressing as a tool to convey their creativity. Hence, they started adopting unique styling and dressing styles.

  • The Fit

Any ideal Boho Top would have a loose and relaxed fit to suit the cool oversized style of the Boho dressing.

  • The Sleeves

The sleeves of these tops are usually from half-length to three-quarter in length. Look for either Bell, Trumpet or Bishop-Style sleeves when looking for Boho-style tops, as this will make the look authentic.

  • The Trims

The Bohemian tops are famous for their decorative trims, which include pompoms and ethnic prints.

  • The Cuts

The Boho-style tops ordinarily have V-necklines. They also have off-shoulder cuts to make them look more classy.

  • The Colour Palette

The colour palette usually incorporates a combination of 6 to 12 hues, including warm and cold hues, which are either sister or cousin shades. The Boho style uses neutrals, pastels, and rich hues, avoiding artificial colours.

  • Print and designs

The prints on these tops are mainly mixed print designs. Even embroideries are a good design option. So look out for that while picking up your top.

The combination of perfect Boho tops with appropriate bottoms, hats, purses, jewellery, and other accessories will make for a quintessential outfit. The Boho style has become a significant player in the fashion industry, and with the casual and comfortable look it gives, it is sure to go miles before becoming obsolete. The world is now turning towards comfort over glamour, and this has opened an entirely new door for the apparel market too.

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