Cartoons for Kids: Things every parent needs to know

Parents are concerned about what their children watch on television and that is why we want the cartoon series they watch to be good and educational.

Almost a decade ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics discouraged any form of screen for children less than two years of age, whether in the form of television, smartphone, tablet… And a maximum of two hours a day for those children over two years of age.

To have greater control of the screens, you have to choose well what they can see and what they cannot see, the aforementioned study assured that the use of television, tablets, and mobile phones could both develop and inhibit child development depending on how it was used. For example, the overuse of screens or television as a permanent distraction element has a negative impact on learning, while applications such as Skype or Facetime promote social interactions and learning. As parents, we must also allow our children to teach those things that most attract their attention and we must participate with them to assess whether they are appropriate or inappropriate. 

We must also prevent them from watching TV shortly before going to sleep, since the light emitted by the screens can affect their sleep due to the secretion of melatonin that is delayed and affects rest.

So that television does not dissociate us, we must use it as a vehicle for strengthening family ties, which is why it is good to share the experience with the medium (television, tablet, computer…) with the whole family. And remember that they are educated mainly by example, so if they see us in front of the TV for hours, they will copy this habit, and then it will be difficult to eliminate it.

Having said all this, among all the cartoons for babies and children, there is a list of educational series for children. Discover them below.

Wonder Pets

A guinea pig, a chick, and a tortoise help anyone and this cartoon transmit important values such as teamwork.

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom

This series was created by Nickelodeon and now, you can also watch it on Netflix.

Princess Holly and her friend Ben live in a kingdom. The series deals with magic since Holly is an apprentice to be a fairy, but her spells do not work well at all. Ben is a goblin who is very good at building toys. Our children, along with these fun characters, will experience different adventures with these little wizards.

Without a doubt, it is a wonderful opportunity for the little ones to learn the value of friendship. As a piece of advice, we recommend a cinema hire to watch these series with your child on a big screen, this way you will create an entertaining atmosphere.

The Children’s Kingdom

The Children’s Kingdom is not only a series, it is a YouTube channel with almost 13 million subscribers where you can find much fun, friendly, and, above all, educational content. 

Max and ruby

Max and Ruby is a Canadian animated series based on the children’s books created by Rosemary Wells. The episodes consist of stories about the rabbits Max and his older sister Ruby.

Sid the science kid

Sid is a very curious boy who wants to know everything that surrounds him and, therefore, every day he discovers new things that arouse his curiosity. This boy goes to school to share the news of his discoveries with his friends and, also, to learn everything that teacher Susie tells them.

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