Everything to know about the English Olympiad exam

About IEO

The International English Olympiad (IEO) is held every year in India by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) for grades 1 through 12. IEO is a linguistic and grammatical competition for students designed to help them compare their English ability to international norms. There are two aspects of IEO exam: level 1 and level 2. Students who pass level 1 with distinction are invited to take the IEO level 2 exam. Only the top 25 students are chosen based on their rank or zone. As is well known, every student requires a detailed strategy to prepare for any competitive test adequately.

A well-thought-out preparation approach assists them in better planning their daily study routine and promotes smart learning. English is the type of topic that necessitates a thorough understanding of the principles by the students. As a result, memorising is ineffective when studying for an English exam. The IEO test is tough since it requires students to apply their knowledge analytically.

Benefits of participating in IEO

  • National competitions are an excellent technique to foster analytical and creative thinking abilities in students and self-assurance.
  • IEO is one of the most practical exams for improving linguistic competence.
  • This exam aims to help students grasp fundamental grammar and sentence structure that is internationally valid and approved.
  • It follows the same syllabus as the academics, hence along with IEO preparation, students will also be preparing for their academic exams.
  • Students can take this exam to receive a clear objective and a comprehensive foundation to practise and prepare for other Olympiad examinations.
  • Students who participate in IEO are awarded certificates and medals which are internationally recognised. Having these can set the student apart from other students in future.
  • This test allows a student to learn their abilities as well as how they compare to those of others.

Tips to prepare for IEO

Early birds always win

Students who wish to take the IEO test should begin their preparation as soon as feasible. As a result, the students will have adequate time to practise as much as practicable. Students often take English for granted, but they should be aware of the level of difficulty they may encounter on the IEO exam and prepare accordingly.

Stay up-to-date with the syllabus

Because IEO is known for altering its syllabus every year, students must stay updated with the curriculum. Everything in the syllabus must be completely understood and applied.  Students can freely analyse which chapters hold more importance than others and focus on them more.

Choose the right study material

Students can use a variety of materials to help them prepare for the IEO exam. Students must utilise the teaching materials used in schools as well as other materials that have been handed to them. These books assist students in learning the fundamentals of grammar and improving their linguistic competence and comprehension of grammatically sane sentence structures. It is critical to grasp the fundamentals initially. Students must strive for understanding all the concepts clearly.

Work on reading as well as writing skills

IEO exams test students’ problem-solving as well as logical-thinking ability. To score well in their exam, students must ensure they work on their writing skills, so it becomes easier for them to write creative and well-thought-out grammatically correct answers with no errors. Reading assists students to improve their linguistic ability, which will allow them to form good structural sentences.

Develop the vocabulary

Students can utilise the strategy of learning five new words every day to increase their vocabulary. Good vocab can allow students to frame interesting and engaging sentences. Students can go through the dictionary to learn five words; this habit will help them in the long run.  

Improve grammatical skills

Good grammatical skills are required to score well in the IEO exams. Students can improve their grammatical skills by reading novels, watching English Movies and English television shows. This will keep the learning process interesting. Students can practise writing essays and letters and then get them checked by their teacher to see what mistakes they keep repeating and work on sorting them out.

Practise regularly

Students will be completely prepared for the IEO test if they practise the exercises provided in the reference materials, write essays and reports, increase grammatical skills, and improve spelling ability. Regularly solving question papers such as IEO English Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 8 2013 can allow students to make themselves acquainted with the type of questions that can be asked during their IEO exams.

Use flashcards

Flashcards allow students to learn topics quickly and efficiently. Students can go through the reference materials and summarise the concepts they find important. These summarised concepts can then be jotted down on the cards, which can later be used to revise and learn topics faster. Students will be able to enhance their reading and writing abilities and remember material for extended periods by using flashcards.

Take notes

While studying for the IEO exam, students should bear in mind to make notes and memorise brief information to use these notes to revise quickly before the exams. Notes can come in handy for rapid improvements as well as quick referencing while studying. It also assists in learning more quickly and saves a significant amount of time.

Consistency is the key

Consistency is required when studying for the IEO exam. It is not a one-day task, and students must stay motivated and study regularly to improve their chances of passing the learn English by skype Olympiad exam. Their writing and reading abilities will improve with time, and with enough practise, they will be able to pass the IEO exam with ease.

Take enough rest

Proper rest is required for students to have a clear mind which will help them perform better in their IEO exam. Frequent breaks between study sessions are important.


The International Olympiad’s English Olympiad test provides a terrific opportunity for students to gain some experience and plan for potential competitive examinations. Students who wish to score among the toppers in the IEO exam must follow the tips given above and combine them with hard work and dedication for the best results.

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