Healthy Weight Loss and Increased Energy Levels

Many readers commented that the key to losing weight was forgetting about counting calories and focusing instead on eating more of the World’s Healthiest Foods. Readers told us that these foods not only helped them feel more vibrant and energetic, but they successfully lost weight without feeling deprived or sacrificing anything—including enjoyment—in the process: I’ve been researching and preparing meals based on for the past month.

I feel far more alive, alert, enlightened, and energized. I now experience greater degrees of balance, equilibrium, and sound sleep and no more mood swings. – Michelle I have lost weight while I eat more. I have also found more energy and strength. And for that reason, I wish to thank you very much. – Mitch It has been nearly six months since I began changing over to the World’s Healthiest Foods, and I am pleasantly surprised at my increase in energy, the loss of dress sizes, and the overall feeling of good health.

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I find that my refrigerator is not filled with “empty calories” and that I can always have great snacks and healthy delicious food to eat. – Terri Thank you!!! I just needed to thank you for changing my life. This information has created a better, healthier, and more energetic me. I have lost close to 30 pounds by changing my way of eating.

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I was a terrible fast-food, processed-food eater, never drank water or ate any kind of fruit; now I think I would die without those things. Just the thought of fast foods makes me sick. I just couldn’t let this change in my life go without thanking you so much for helping me. –

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