How Travelers Can Get Fastest Internet Speeds Anywhere In the World?

When you are traveling, internet access enables you to interact with your friends & family, get important work done, and also book your next hotel room. But the reliability and availability of internet access varies, depending on where you are. When you start planning your trip, try to research options for getting online at the same time to make the entire process easier. 

Here are some tried and tested ways to enjoy fast internet speeds throughout your trip. So, let’s get started!

Use an External Wireless Card

Anyone who frequently uses Wi-Fi on the road will be all too familiar with slow speeds and weak connections. If you are a laptop owner, getting an external wireless card can make a huge difference. The finest ones have better antennas and robust transmitters that reach a lot further and provide reliable and stronger connections than the existing ones on your laptop. 

Invest In a Travel Router

For people who do not have a laptop, a travel router is a good investment. It can get strong Wi-Fi signals to tablets, mobile phones, and other devices. If you purchase a high-quality router, it comes with a wide range of features, like improving signals from your existing Wi-Fi network to deliver better speeds to your devices. 

Move Around Your Room

You may find this funny but simply moving around a little can make a clear difference. Intrusions from cordless telephones, microwave ovens, and other electronic devices create havoc with your Wi-Fi signal, while concrete blocks and other building materials hinder radio waves.

Just moving a few feet to a different side of your room could save you from a lot of frustration with instant results. 

Switch to a Wired Connection

In an ideal scenario, almost every wireless network is a lot speedier than the internet connection at the end of them. Unfortunately, those scenarios hardly exist, especially in bustling urban areas.

All wireless networks compete for space in a congested radio spectrum. The more the networks, the higher the interference and the more terrible everyone’s connection gets.  

Switching to a wired network helps you get rid of this issue. Check if there is an Ethernet port in your room and a network socket in your laptop. If yes, borrow a cable and connect it up. You can also get a short Ethernet cable and put it in your suitcase to always have a backup.

Plug Your Laptop In

When operating on a battery, a lot of computers somewhat lower the strength of the wireless card. So, it might be great for those who want a longer time in front of the screen, but not for people seeking an internet connection. 

One of the easiest tips is to simply plug your laptop into a power outlet and you would be surprised to see how it allows you to connect to the Internet as well.

Bottom Line

Whether you are planning a road trip a few states away or you are out and about in town, getting a reliable internet connection outside your home is always the biggest concern. We hope the aforementioned ways help you in getting a strong connection. 

In the worst case—if nothing works for you—remember that some providers have a decent network of hotspots spread nationwide in the United States. For example, Spectrum customer service gives access to a wide network of wireless hotspots across multiple states in the U.S, but you must be a subscriber to benefit from these Wi-Fi connections in public places. So, it is always a good option to check if your provider is offering services in the area where you plan to travel. Good luck!

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