Not enough home space? Here’s 7 tips to make the most out of it

Did you know that factory space is precious for any business? The more space you can get around your factory, the more you can do. However, most people find they have too much to store such that the factory space ends up becoming a limiting factor. Nevertheless, today you will learn seven tips to help you make the most out of your space:

1) Install Mezzanine Floors

If you’re running out of space on your floor, add factory mezzanine floors. You can also use them for storing things that you don’t use as much. They’re not as convenient for reaching for things, but they are still better than having to search through your whole factory to find something.

2) Use Vertical Racks

Vertical racks can store a lot of things. They are great for storage, and you can use them to organize your inventory. You can place them anywhere in the factory where they can extend vertically.

3) Use a Rolling Cart to Store Expensive Items

You can use rolling carts as extra storage space in your factory. These carts are easy to move around because of their wheels and can easily be placed in a new location whenever that space they initially occupied is needed.

4) Utilize Cross Docking Technique

Cross-docking is whereby you ship items from the manufacturer directly to the client. This saves storage space and shipping fees, and it can be done in large quantities.

5) Use Pallets

You can use pallets to store items you have no room for on the floor. They are also great for helping you save time and space in your factory since they are easy to move around and take up less space than other things.

6) Reduce Aisle Width

Taking safety into consideration, you can make your aisle width much smaller than usual, which will help you save space in your factory. Moreover, ensure your products can easily fit the aisle without a struggle.

7) Optimize Offsite Storage

You can use offsite storage facilities to store products that you do not need in your factory for an extended period. This will help you save space and prevent damage to products as they can be safely stored in a different location.

8) Maximize Storage Containers Space

Ensure that the items you pack in any container fit precisely without leaving extra space. Also, ensure the container is sealed correctly to prevent the items from accidentally falling off and occupying extra space.

9) Organize Products to Create More Space

You can save space by organizing your products in different rooms according to their use. Moreover, you can also create separate storage areas for different items in size and shape to optimally maximize the available space.

10) Do Not Overstock a Single Product

You can save space by only stocking a few of your factory products while the others can be stored in an offsite store. In that manner, you have sufficient space to store most of your product samples within a limited space.


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