SAFe® and SPC certification What You Need to Know About Them

What is SAFe®?

 The system of developing Agile, Lean, and DevOps practices in scale also known as SAFe® is a market leader in the IT and Software industry with over. A set of organizational and workflow patterns make sure that agile practices are implemented on an enterprise-wide scale.

It was primarily formed around three bodies of knowledge: Agile software development, lean product development, and systems thinking although SAFe® is used for delivery across the multiple numbers of agile teams.

Founded in 2011 by Dean Leffingwell and Drew Jemilo, SAFe® is now a market Leading Safe Certification in Parisand industry giant, helping organizations better design systems and software while meeting customer needs.

What is SPC?

SAFe® Program Consultants are also known as SPC’s and it’s the highest Leading Safe Certification in Paris one can get in agile frameworks and SAFe®. SPC’s are highly valued individuals who with their knowledge of Agile framework andSAFe® specialize in maximizing the productivity of the software development team of a said company or organization. SPC’s are needed to be highly trained in SAFe® and agile frameworks and play a very critical role in implementing SAFe® in any developmental team. Thus, SPC’s are trained to execute their responsibilities as well as teach and coach others in the same.

Implementing SAFe® with SPC certification can land you with a high-paying job in the IT or software industries, making for a great boost in your career and opening many more possibilities acting as a gateway to a career in SAFe®.

How to get SPC Certification?

SPC or SAFe® Program Consultant is the highest certification in SAFe® and agile frameworks, which leads many people to believe it’s complicated. While it’s not something one can term as easy the certification process itself can be fairly simple.

  • The first step towards SPC certification is to complete the implementing SAFe® course, there might be offline establishments providing this training although your certification procedure needs to be executed online. There are plenty of online websites and organizations that train you in implementing SAFe®, be sure to check if the said organization is accredited by SAFe®. After training and coaching of about 7 days, you’d be ready to move on to the next step.
  • Completing the implementing SAFe® training from a SAFe® accredited organization will give you access to Safe® community platforms along with study materials and make you eligible to take the SPC exam. The exam will be conducted online on a single browser, closed-book basis, and will comprise of 60, MCQ’s of which the minimum passing marks will be 45 (75%). The exam will commence over 120 minutes.
  • If the candidate is unable to qualify in the first exam they can retake the exam immediately, although after an unsuccessful second attempt the candidate must wait 10 days for the third attempt and 30 days for the fourth attempt, and so on.

It must be noted that the certificate is valid for one year after completion of the exam post with the individual must take a retake exam to keep them updated on the latest implementation of SAFe®.

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