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SEO Guide: 7 tips to increase your organic reach

Your website is the ideal “showcase” to inform, promote and sell your product. But how do you get potential customers to notice your content? Search engine optimization will help you with this! By SEO measures the organic range can significantly increase your website. But the most important thing in advance: There is no quick fix for SEO success. However, with these 7 tips, you can improve your organic visibility in the long term!

Content with added value

The content on your site contributes a significant, if not the most crucial part to the fact that your website has a high organic Review achieved it – provided it meets certain criteria of search engine optimization. It is not for nothing that marketers say: “Content is King!”

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Content can be optimized through numerous measures. However, it is important that the reader is always in the foreground. The content should correspond to the reader’s search query and thus his interest, inform and entertain him at the same time – i.e. offer real added value. If there is added value, the algorithms of search engines such as Google or Bing classify your content as more relevant and place it higher up in the respective search results.

New content in particular is rated positively by search engines. So you should pay attention to the uniqueness of your content. One speaks here of unique content. Content that can already be found in an identical or similar form on other websites, on the other hand, is punished with a negative rating. The freshness of content is a further important factor in the range generation. So you should not only provide new content on a regular basis but also update older posts on a regular basis. The search engines reward this effort.

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Search engines aim to provide their users with the most relevant and high-quality results for their search. To do this, they search websites for certain factors. This is where backlinks come into play, among other things.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks  (also:  backlinks ) are links that refer to your own from other websites. The quality and number of backlinks are a yardstick for the ranking of websites in search engines.

Backlinks help search engines determine the quality of a website. However, not every backlink automatically leads to a higher ranking. The decisive factor is a backlink source that is “valuable” for the search engine.

Let’s say you run a blog that has high-quality content. If you link to another blog in one of your articles, it will also be classified as a valuable search result by the search engines due to your “recommendation”. But how can you generate such backlinks for your website?

Since the quality of the backlinks from other websites is particularly important,One of the easiest and cheapest ways to get quality backlinks is to post comments in the comments section of websites. By submitting comments (which contains a link to your website) on another website, you create a backlink from that site to your site. 

However, it is obvious that to leave comments continuously on a large number of websites is a difficult task; that is why we recommend that you use a tool that can do this automatically without the need for human intervention. One of the tools that we have tested and you can use to automatically post comments on websites is the v-User Auto Commenter Bot Package. For more information or to check this tool, you can search its name on Google and read about it on the v-User website. 

Another way to backlink building is by guest posting for other blogs and websites. As part of such a guest post, it makes sense for you to integrate a backlink to your own website.

Local SEO

Search engine optimization based on local factors (local SEO) should also play a role in every marketing strategy. Since 2007, Google has enabled local search. Since then, local search queries have taken an increasingly central position in Google search results and can significantly increase the visibility of a company.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO ( search engine optimization) describes all measures that aim to bring a website to the front in the local search results.

It makes sense to create an entry in the Google My Business register. Google My Business is what the phone book used to be. For example, if you enter search terms such as “Frisör Rostock”, Google will immediately show you local hairdressing salons that have a Google My Business entry. These entries are in turn linked to Google Maps. Local SEO is, therefore, an important tool to attract the right target group and also to achieve higher visibility locally.

Meta title and description

In the Google search results, you will of course not only be shown links to websites. Each search result also consists of a title and a brief description. These are the meta title and the meta description of the website, also known as the search snippet. Both are stored in the HTML code of your website. For many users, the meta title and meta description are the first points of contact with your website; they act as a kind of business card. This is precisely why it is important to make them as interesting as possible for the user. Such a search snippet can enormously increase your click-through rate and thus also the traffic on your website.

It is also important that your meta title and your meta description do not exceed the maximum length of  990 pixels (desktop)  or 1,300 pixels (mobile). Otherwise, Google will only show your snippet cut-off. Tools such as the SERP Snippet Generator from Sistrix can help you optimize the meta-information.

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Page load time

Internet users are impatient. If a website doesn’t load fast enough, you leave it again, that much is clear. But what does “ fast ” mean in this context? According to Google, it shouldn’t take more than four seconds to fully load a website. However, a charging time of around one second is considered optimal.

What is Page Speed?

As a  Page Speed, the load time of a website by sending a request is referred to as the complete delivery of the requested content. Page speed has a great influence on the user experience and is, therefore, an important criterion for search engine ranking.

To analyze the page speed of your website, you can use tools such as Google PageSpeed ​​Insights. But what is the reason for a low page speed? The reasons for this can be different. It is possible that image files that are too large or that the server is responding too long can cause long loading times.

Structured data

Structured data help search engine bots to classify your website and use it for suitable search terms through information stored in the source text.

What is structured data?

The term structured data  (Engl.  Structured data ) is derived from the semantic web (Web 3.0). Search engines like Google can use this data to enrich search results with information about the respective page, which in turn serves as the basis for rich snippets.

Structured data you can the search engine bots for example, “Show n ‘, w ie long is a mounted video that it is or numbers to the phone number of your company’s text is a customer review. The web portal can help you create structured data. This is a labeling system that was developed in collaboration with the largest search engines in the world (Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex). The website offers a free overview of the most important schemes that are required for generating rich snippets.

There are also numerous tools with which you can test and review the structured data of your website. One tool, for example, is the Google structured data test tool.


The term “monitoring” comes from English and means something like “observation”. In online marketing, this means the regular monitoring of your own website or other marketing channels. Regular monitoring of your content is also essential in the area of ​​search engine optimization in Bangalore.

Only by consistently checking your SEO measures can their effectiveness be made transparent. The success of measures can be determined by evaluating key figures, so-called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) . These key performance indicators are contrasted and compared in the context of reporting so that positive and negative trends can be made visible.

The factors by which search engines rank websites are constantly changing, so that without monitoring and regular optimization, so-called “slow death”, i.e. a gradual disappearance of the website from the search results, can occur.


As we’ve shown you in this article, there are different things you can do to increase your organic reach. However, none of these SEO measures should be viewed as a “quick fix”. If you want to increase your organic visibility sustainably, creating and following a long-term SEO strategy should be your overriding goal.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What are rich snippets?

Rich snippets represent an expanded form of search snippets. They enrich conventional search results with additional information. Examples of rich snippets are ratings, FAQs, pricing, and other information.

What is SERP?

SERP is the acronym for Search Engine Result Pages. All search results of a search query are listed in the SERPs of search engines such as Google. The search results are arranged in descending order of relevance on the search results page.

What are KPIs?

Key performance indicators are key figures that can be used to determine the performance of company activities. Which KPIs should be considered to measure success depends on the company and its goals and measures.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to address target groups or buyer personas with informative, advisory, and entertaining content. The aim of content marketing is to turn prospects into customers and to bind them to the company through needs-oriented content.

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