The 3 main benefits of using an inflatable kayak in Australia

Days on the water are thoroughly enjoyed by many of the population, with many utilizing products such as rowboats, paddleboards and of course, the inflatable kayak in Australia. There are many reasons why the inflatable kayak in Australia is such a popular choice for many people spending their days on the water. Due to the material used in their design, they are very portable products which can fit into any vehicle, making them perfect for any form of transportation to and from the destination where you will be using them. To add to this, they are an inexpensive product in comparison to their traditionally made cousins on the market. This makes them best for those on a budget but still want to enjoy what the great outdoors can offer. If you are interested in enjoying the water, but want something portable and within your budget, then look no further than an inflatable kayak in Australia.

Easy to transport and storage friendly

An inflatable kayak in Australia are very easy to transport due to their small size. Because of the material used in their design, they can be folded up after they have been deflated, and placed into a bag, box or any vehicle. As such, they can be transported easily around. Traditional hard shell products usually have to sit on the top of a car or carried in a trailer, whereas an inflatable kayak in Australia can be folded up making them very easy to move around. You do not need a big car or a car with roof racks to make it work, you simply have to place it in your backyard or backset and you’re ready to go. Once you are at home, they can also be stored easily in your garage or a cupboard. It is not necessary to carve out a large amount of space for storage such as with traditional hard shell products, as they can fit into any space.

Durable and resistant

Modern technology has allowed the inflatable kayak in Australia to be made of a durable and very resistant material. Durability and resistance are such important factors when considering an inflatable kayak in Australia, as it is a product that goes in the water and the slightest hole or rip will leave it sinking, with you going down with it. The material used in these products is very durable and is especially made to be resistant to snags and other sharp edges which may seek to puncture the product and cause it to sink. Whilst traditional hard shell products are always going to be more durable, you should not worry about the integrity of the material used in other products, just because they are filled with air.


An inflatable kayak in Australia is an inexpensive product to purchase. In comparison to their traditional hard shell products, they are not expensive at all and are much better suited to those who are on a budget. Because of boat lift companies near me, you can also buy more and more in order to build a collection better suited to how you plan to carve up the water. For the inflatable kayak in Australia connoisseur, this cheap price is a dream come true.

Overall, an inflatable kayak in Australia has many advantages over its hard shell cousin, including easy transport and storage ability, durable and resistant and inexpensive. All of these features of an inflatable kayak in Australia makes it a perfect product for anyone who wants to have fun on the water whilst still staying on their budget and saving costs. Fun Over 50 has been creating outstanding tours in Australia and select international destinations since 2002.

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