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Using NetBase Quid Social Media Tools to Understand Your Customers

NetBase Quid provides a full data platform for organizing and manipulating structured and unstructured data about a business to analyze and drive action to customers, employees and the market. NetBase Quid social media tools utilize a proprietary algorithm to identify key insights that drive action. The platform is designed to be a critical part of the growing brand’s growth strategy and is geared to deliver real-time, actionable insights to competitors and customers.

How Does Its It Work?

NetBase Quid is a valuable resource for building and maintaining relationships with consumers and industry-leading resources like market research firms, associations, media and industry specific firms.

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Marketing Analysis

NetBase Quid suits your exact needs as you can select from various analytical modules and choose what research you wish to see, including consumer behavior, sales, and more.

Find Out What the Competition Is Doing

Discover what your competitors are doing, why they are doing it, and how you can copy them in order to get ahead.

Connect With Your Customers

Quid is highly social and heavily influenced by your social brand positioning and campaigns. It provides you with an unrivalled 360 degree customer insight, helping you connect with potential customers before, during and after activity. Below are some its social media tools.

  • Hashtags & Tags – Finding Customers and Influencers, Real-time E-commerce Checkouts, Lead Messaging, Sales Funnel Building, Search Marketing, and CRM Integration.
  • Snap-on Analytics – Understanding the behavior of your customers, from sourcing to delivery, every step of the way.
  • AcuitySEO – AcuitySEO identifies social signals on your competitors, as well as all the companies you’re partnering with. It shows you how much competition is out there and what’s going on within your industry.
  • ClearCharts – This is the best tool to create and share charts with one click. That’s because ClearCharts has built-in analytics to show exactly how people are reacting to a chart, chart to chart.

The growth of social media has exploded since the advent of the smartphone and social media apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. This has changed the way marketers engage with their audiences, expanding their target audience to include those who may have previously been excluded from reach.

Target Audiences

These tools allow brands to create content and connect directly with their target audiences. For instance, marketers can advertise their products directly to people based on search terms or keywords. Social media tools allow marketers to keep a track of what users are doing and interacting with, which leads to valuable insights and valuable information that can be used to improve the reach and interaction rate.

Client Engagement

Social Media tools for B2B are more focused on insights and client engagement, as social media allows B2B organizations to put information in the hands of their audiences and acquire valuable leads, attention and impressions.

NetBase is the creator of Quid, the most advanced consumer and market intelligence platform. Demographic profiling and consumer engagement are some of the key applications that NetBase Quid delivers. Its holistic system provides a robust view of the consumer landscape and the numerous decision-making factors that drive business growth. Visit here rapidshare online best website Click here viewster.

Supplier Relationship Management

For businesses looking to build stronger supplier/customer relationships, and develop loyalty and advocacy, NetBase Quid provides a suite of solutions to increase purchase consideration, revenue and brand.

Social Media Tools

Education, online learning and eLearning: NetBase Quid’s curriculum collection gives organizations the ability to tap into the exponential interest in eLearning. The easy to use interface allows marketers to gain access to almost 500 courses, 30,000+ experts and over 300 professional communities, and store in-app course content on the cloud for free.

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NetBase Inc. is a leading provider of consumer and market intelligence solutions. It collects and analyzes over 20 million social media conversations every day to provide cutting-edge insights into a consumer’s mind, influence, and behavior. NetBase Quid simplifies your market research and provides you with the accurate data to drive your business decisions. The platform offers analytics and predictive modeling tools to get accurate insights into consumer sentiment and buying behavior, so you can make better business decisions.

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