What to do after totaling a leased car in Las Vegas?

Totaling a leased car in Las Vegas is the last thing anyone should do! But in case you did it, contact an elite law firm such as Naqvi Accident Injury Law to handle the legal issues involved. To know more, keep reading. 

What do you mean by totaling a leased car?

When a car is at a total loss due to an accident, we call it a totaled car. Total loss is technically when the car’s value and repair cost is almost the same. 

Having a totaled car after an accident is bad enough, and when that car is one on a lease, it is a total nightmare. 

What to do after the crash?

The first step is to determine who is at fault. If you are the victim, you do not have to worry like the other driver. The driver responsible for the accident has to pay compensation to the victim in road accident cases in Las Vegas. 

So, the at-fault driver’s insurance will cover your car’s repair cost. You only have to take care of the amount as per the lease agreement you usually pay. 

However, things will get messy if you are responsible for the accident. 

  • Your insurance will not cover damages to your vehicle. 
  • You will have to repair the leased car and pay the lease amount. 
  • At the same time, if the victim’s compensation is more than your insurance settlement, you will have to pay the extra amount from your pocket. 

How can an attorney help?

An attorney can help the victim with the insurance documents and negotiations. The lawyer will try to get higher compensation for the victim than the companies offered at first. 

Similarly, attorneys can help the at-fault driver find means to reduce the burden. For example, gap coverage is an effective means to reduce the financial burden of the party at fault. 

You have to buy the damaged car and pay the remaining amount to the insurance company. In this way, you can save some money. 

Final Takeaways 

If you have a leased car in Las Vegas, try not to crash it. But if you are already involved in a leased car accident, get ready to deal with it. 

Try to consult an attorney at the earliest, even if you are the victim or the at-fault driver. You should also inform the lessor and the insurer about the incident.

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