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Why LinkedIn is A Good Idea for Marketing?

­Factually, in the past few years, LinkedIn as a marketing tool has been gaining a lot of attention in the world of digital marketing. Previously, people perceived LinkedIn as a platform for employees and job seekers to connect for mutual benefits.

However, the stereotypical thought had changed exponentially, especially when it became the number one #1 content publishing platform for business content. Surprisingly, today, the platform has a community of above 500 million engaged members.

If today, as a businessman, you are not involving LinkedIn, you are missing out on something very immense. You should definitely pick LinkedIn to build your email lists for social marketing in a go. In fact, you can use Closely LinkedIn automation services to attract more opportunities.

Overall, the power that LinkedIn connection possesses has been underrated by many. LinkedIn plays a crucial role in growing your email marketing list that cannot be ignored. Therefore, keep reading and find out the easiest way to grow your email marketing list via LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is also an excellent platform to interact with peers and get real-time updates about your industry. It’s also a place where you can learn from other professionals in your area of expertise.

Steps to Enlarge Your Email Marketing List Using LinkedIn Connections:

· Step 1:

The first and foremost step is to log in to your business LinkedIn account. Once you have logged in, you should click on my network from the bar on the top.

· Step 2:

Then it will lead to a page where you get to see your connections, contacts, following, followers, etc., on the left and your invitations on the right.

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· Step 3:

Click contacts. You will get three options on the right side: add more contacts, export contacts and manage synced contacts.

· Step 4:

You have to click on the option of export contacts on the right side of the screen. A new tab will open then.

· Step 5:

Under “Get a copy of your Data,” select “Fast file plus other data.” Once done, “Request Archive.” By selecting the option, you get the data of all your LinkedIn connections.

· Step 6:

After the social media network offers you the requested data, it will be available for download in the same area as a ZIP file.

· Step 7:

After opening the excel file, click on connections to view all the email addresses of your LinkedIn connections.

Tips to Grow Your Email Marketing List:

· Make Your LinkedIn Profile Appealing:

Factually, the first thing a potential connection looks at is your profile; ensure to make it worth their time. Consider your LinkedIn profile as your business card and make it as compelling as you can. Keep it professional, simple yet impressive for your visitors.

· Focus on Lead Generation:

Lead generation is the initial and most crucial step in building connections and ultimately growing your email list. Therefore, draft attention-grabbing connection request messages. Before sending a connection request, please spend some time understanding the person, his preferences, and interests.

· Include Promotions, Giveaways, and Bonuses:

One of the most effective strategies initially is to offer your audience a lot. Who does not love some freebies? Although the strategy is an old one, it can help you a lot on your LinkedIn profile.

· Ask Away Directly:

Building connections on LinkedIn and sending random emails to the connections sounds putting off, No? That is how your users will feel if you send them marketing emails after adding emails to your email list. Therefore, an impressive strategy is to ask them for their permission. You can look for ways to compel the audience to sign up for your email lists too. If you find difficulty in doing that, Closely LinkedIn automation packages offer a lot to you.

· Become a Part of Groups:

The best way to build connections and grow your email list is by joining relevant groups. When you join a relevant LinkedIn group, you are a part of a community interested in what you have to offer. Resultantly, marketing becomes more manageable, and with connections, your email marketing list grows as well. You can use tools to search people for free, such as SearchPeopleFree.

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