Why Smoking is Not Good for You

For a long time cigarettes were seen as something good to enjoy. Even when more was discovered about how bad smoking is for us, many did not believe it or did not care. Today there is a lot more known about why smoking is not something you should ever start, and why you should keep trying to quit if you do smoke. There are other healthier ways to relieve tension and stress. Other less detrimental habits like vaping for example. Here is a closer look at why it is time to listen to the warning that comes right on your cigarette pack.

High nicotine makes it highly addictive

First of all, the thing that gets you hooked is the nicotine. When you smoke cigarettes you are getting a big hit of nicotine in each cigarette which keeps you smoking. A lot of people who give up do so because they cannot get past that craving. Even when going through therapy, or using certain aids, the urge to smoke is hard to ignore. Most people do not intend to get hooked or to become heavy smokers. They think they can smoke just when they are out drinking, or with friends. But suddenly they are also lighting up at home, taking breaks during work or school, and now they are finding it hard to go back. The physical withdrawal symptoms are very hard to get through.


Another issue, as well as the addiction, is that it is habit-forming, one that is very hard to break. That is why so many people who choose to quit by using e-cigarettes are having more success. They can still vape with their morning coffee, take an e-cigarette to their friends and use it there and so on. You have the action as well as the nicotine without all the other nasty things that are in cigarettes. If you want to lower how much nicotine you are vaping you can choose a lower dose in the liquid, or go with something that has none at all.

High risk for some of the more serious health issues in the world

There are a lot of chemicals and toxins in a cigarette and smoking can lead to a lot of potential health issues including several types of cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, COPD, chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, eye problems, rheumatoid arthritis and more. You can also look forward to stained teeth, which may eventually fall out thanks to the tar and less saliva. People breathing in your smoke, they too are at risk of such diseases. Children breathing it in are at risk of slow lung growth, ear disease, acute breathing infections, sudden infant death syndrome and severe asthma.


There is no doubt that smoking is not good for you and is a habit you need to beat. Take a look at your nearest super vape store like Shosha where you can find products such as e-cigarettes & Juul  that can help you quit and stay off tobacco cigarettes. They offer high-quality products and a great vaping experience.

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